so what! Rich people donot care

ImageAfter reading a recent Op-Ed piece in the NY Times from psychologist Daniel Goleman provocatively titled Rich People Just Care Less which puts forward a theory that some of the problems caused by the growing inequality between the upper and lower classes may be the result of a lack of empathy by those in power, I was going to write once again about the the apparent empathy deficit in this world.                                                                                     ” shabir hussain”

Has Communication Technology Made Us Lonelier and Sicker?

Writing New Worlds


By Jean Foster Akin

A lot of people now talk about (or actually, more often, blog about, email about, text about, post about) their ability to communicate instantly with people all over the world due to amazing leaps in technology over the last 20 years—and especially in the last few. I am experiencing this wonder of technology now myself as I have four delightful friends (only one whom I have ever met face-to-face), sharing ownership of a blog we’ve developed as a writing cooperative.  I am delighted by the fact that these women are in my life, and I know that we are far enough away from each other that without the Internet we would never have “met,” but I still have to question if communication technology causes us, as a culture, to communicate less. It has certainly encouraged us to communicate less deeply than we did in the past.

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Soft Dream of Night

The rational part of my brain always wants to shrug off coincidence as mere matters of probability but I still am excited in a way when I experience it, even when the coincidences are seemingly mundane, not appearing as some sort of cosmic omen or example of the universe’s synchronicity.

Redtree Times

GC Myers-  Soft Dream of Night smIf one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with success unexpected in common hours.

–Henry David Thoreau


This has long been one of my favorite pieces in the studio, a  14″ by 24″ painting on paper from 2002 called Soft Dream of Night.  It was part of the work that I completed in early 2002 in the aftermath of  9/11 .  It is considered part of what has been  referred to as my Dark Work.  It was work that I feel was very reflective of the feeling of that time and, as a result, was not as deeply embraced as my  typical work that has a more optimistic and forward-looking tone.  As a result, I was able to hold on to several pieces from that group which pleased me because they just…

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