innocent people unfortunate valley

something is not with me.

sometimes i do feel

thinking deep but cannot see.

can this wound cannot heal.

                                                                    where can i find the thing

                                                                   unknown to me crazy one

                                                                    pleasure of life it can bring

                                                                      for thy i searched in the sun

have found but lost again

as the beauty of the rose

still hope with the pain

knows it comes when it goes

                                                                i have travelled far & long

                                                                on journeys alone i laid

                                                                    upon the way singing song

                                                                 but i couldnot found the shade

innocent people unfortunate valley

for i hold my deep love

land of heaven for thy really

i am going to write it now

                                                                 liberation is in my heart

                                                                  showing me a right way

                                                                  may it spread every part

                                                                  over my valley as a ray                        (2008)

 shabir hussain    ………… tum lakh mazalim ham pe karo hum khoon bahana jantay hai


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