Has Communication Technology Made Us Lonelier and Sicker?

Writing New Worlds


By Jean Foster Akin

A lot of people now talk about (or actually, more often, blog about, email about, text about, post about) their ability to communicate instantly with people all over the world due to amazing leaps in technology over the last 20 years—and especially in the last few. I am experiencing this wonder of technology now myself as I have four delightful friends (only one whom I have ever met face-to-face), sharing ownership of a blog we’ve developed as a writing cooperative.  I am delighted by the fact that these women are in my life, and I know that we are far enough away from each other that without the Internet we would never have “met,” but I still have to question if communication technology causes us, as a culture, to communicate less. It has certainly encouraged us to communicate less deeply than we did in the past.

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